Dreamy Natural Accord

a cappella group from Brno (CZ)

Lenka Štěpánková

Lenka Štěpánková

A native of Brno, she has enjoyed singing since her childhood – always and everywhere. She played the piano, later the guitar, and she sang in the school choir at the elementary school and in Kantilena, at the time of high school studies in the church choir of the young in the parish of St. Augustine in Brno, at Ars Brunensis Chorus. Lenka’s long-standing secret wish was to sing in a small group, preferably a cappella, meeting people to whom singing brings joy and uplifting feelings. That dream was fulfilled at the end of 2018 - you could say by chance, but Lenka doesn’t believe in it 


Music and all the members of DNA bring everything she could ever have wished for